Konstantin Sergueev (1910-1992)

A dancer, ballet master, teacher and choreographer at the Kirov. He graduated from the Vaganova Institute in 1930, in V. Ponomariov's class. Between 1930 and 1961, he was the headline star of the Kirov, a lyrical dancer par excellence, representing the very purest form of male classical dance. Alongside Galina Ulanova initially and later Natalia Dudinskaya, his wife, he danced the entire classical repertoire and the Soviet ballets, such as "Gayané", and "Chouralé". He definitively portrayed the role of Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" by Serge Prokofiev, choreographed by Leonid Lavrovsky and co-starring Ulanova at the Kirov in Leningrad in 1940. From 1946 onwards, he held the post of ballet master at the Kirov where he was the senior ballet master from 1951-1955 and then from 1960 to 1970. He created "Cinderella" in 1946 before working his way through the great classics such as "Raymonda" 1948, "Swan Lake" 1950; "Sleeping Beauty" 1952, and "Le Corsaire" in 1973. He taught at the Vaganova Institute from 1931 onwards, in the boys’ class, and later managed the pantomime class. He was often invited abroad to restage major repertory ballets. He participated in numerous films about Soviet ballet.