The different versions of “Romeo and Juliet”

Versions by Rudolf Nureyev:

1977 - “Romeo and Juliet”
London Festival Ballet in London
First night was the 2nd June 1977 at the London Coliseum with Patricia Ruanne and Rudolf Nureyev,
Nicholas Johnson (Mercutio), Jonas Kage (Benvolio), Frederic Jahn-Werner (Tybalt), Elisabeth Anderton (the Nurse).
The show was also performed in January 1978 at the Palais des Sports in Paris with Patricia Ruanne, alternating with Eva Evdokimova, Elisabett Terabust, and Lynn Seymour in the role of Juliet.

1980 - “Romeo e Giulietta”
Scala Opera Ballet in Milan
First night was the 20th December 1980 at the Scala Opera House in Milan with Carla Fracci and Rudolf Nureyev, Paolo Podini (Mercutio), Angelo Moretto (Benvolio), Tiziano Mietto (Tybalt), Maddalena Campa (the Nurse).
The show was performed on tour in July 1981 at the MET, Manhattan Ensemble Theatre, in New York. Nureyev invited Margot Fonteyn to play Lady Capulet.

1984 - “Roméo et Juliette”
Paris Opera Ballet
First night was the 19th October 1984 at the Palais Garnier.
With Monique Loudièrees (Juliet) Patrick Dupond (Romeo), Cyril Atanassoff (Tybalt), Jean-Pierre Franchetti (Mercutio), Laurent Hilaire (Paris) and Yvette Chauviré (Lady Capulet).

This production was performed again at the Palais des Congrès in April 1985 (with Elisabeth Maurin and Manuel Legris, both 20 year old "sujets", making their debuts in title roles; the recently appointed principal dancer, Sylvie Guillem, danced her first Juliet). It was also performed on tour in Japan that same year.
Following a revival in 1991 at the Palais Garnier (Nureyev directed the rehearsals), the ballet was then performed in July 1995 on the huge stage at the Bastille Opera House; consequently, Ezio Frigerio had to rethink and enrich his scenery. There were further revivals in October 1995, June/July 1998 and June/July 2001.