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Publisher : Editions du Mécène
Publication date : 2009
Available in : french, english
Comments :
After an introduction recalling the main dates of Rudolf Nureyev’s life, this richly illustrated book relates, ballet after ballet, the story of each production, insisting on the aesthetics Nureyev wanted.
Introduction and texts by Martine Kahane Photos with captions taken from remarks by Rudolf Nureyev
Co-edition CNCS / Les Editions du Mécène, May 2009 160 pages with more than 200 photographs in colour and black & white Bilingual text French/English Size 24 cm x 29, 7 cm Soft filmed cover in colour Sewn and glued binding ISBN N°: 978 2 907970969 Public price: €35 inclusive of tax For sale at the CNCS and in all libraries, FNAC, etc