Memories and interviews

  Michel CANESI
Rudolf Nureyev's personal friend and physician

in 2000 the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation created the first medical website on the Internet devoted to information concerning Health and Ballet. This innovative project came within the confines of fulfilling the aspirations held by Rudolf for keeping his memory alive; the responsibility for which he personally entrusted to me before leaving to dance in the next world.

This first site, intended for health professionals and anyone interested in this highly specialized niche, was to prove an immediate success as demonstrated by its current audience. It has become the reference website as regards Health and Ballet. We work in close co-operation with IADMS, the leading learned organization in the USA in the field of ballet dancers health; there is no equivalent anywhere else in the world.

However, the need to design a site on the Web consecrated to Rudolf Nureyev's career together with all the other aspects of his artistic creativity very soon became apparent.

Earlier this year, Sir John Tooley, President of the Foundation, entrusted me with this project which we have just brought to fruition. It will be developed still further in future months, becoming a dynamic site totally committed to the tremendous artist who was Rudolf Nureyev.

I hope that our creative work which is sometimes difficult but always fascinating and, I believe, fairly comprehensive, will meet with your satisfaction: enjoy your visit!

Michel Canesi.

PHOTO : Jean-François Vazelle - New York le 7 mai 1992