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Born on the Trans-Siberian express train, Rudolf Nureyev never stopped moving in his meteoric rise to become the most brightly shining star of the ballet universe.

From commanding the stage of the Paris Opera to cavorting with Miss Piggy on the Muppet Show, Nureyev’s charisma and virtuoso talent brought a new, modern dimension to classical dance.

Fifteen years after his life was prematurely claimed by AIDS, we take a retrospective look at the great artist, his life and his body of work – in all its grace, passion, excess and drama. Through interviews, archive footage, re-enactments and original dance sequences, the film will recreate the key moments of Nureyev’s life and shine a light on his unparalleled talent.

Producer : Les Films Figures Libres / France 2

Director : Sonia PARAMO

Year : 2008

Versions : French

Nationality : France